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What is a Care Plan?

A Care Plan is a comprehensive document that details subjects such as your family member's history, likes/dislikes, medications, functioning levels and care needs. Care Plans rely on information from the assessment and usually includes suggestions, instructions, and many times, referrals for services and/or community resources. The Care Manager will explain the details of the plan, what led to the recommendations, what you can expect, and will prioritize the recommendations and answer any questions you may have.

Some things may be immediate and very important, like managing medications that are being taken improperly. Things like personal hygiene issues and diet are also important to health and general well-being and may need to be monitored. Some things that may not be as important to health and well-being, but would make life more pleasant, enjoyable, fun and generally improve the standard of living, will also be included in the plan. You and your Care Manager will then determine what to implement and how that will be done.

A good Care Plan will also include regular reassessments. As time goes by our needs and abilities change, so it is best to periodically examine how to best address those needs and differences in capabilities. Memory is a good example of this. A senior may have mild memory loss but nothing that is alarmng. Months later those memory issues may progress or be unpredictable and irregular. If a change like this arises, it is important to reassess and determine the extent of memory loss, the possible consequences of that change, and what can be done to compensate for it.

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